Secure-IoT Device Management

Our Secure-IoT Device Management is targeting at (remote) high secure eUICC-Management Services.

It allows the management of Operating System, OS updates and customer’s applications in the field.  Our bootloading meets Protection Profile PP084b (2014).

Technical Features:


  • SM-DP for secure profile & personalization data generation, storage and delivery;
  • SM-SR for eUICC platform & profile state management, eUICC routing and repository


  • Fully compliant with GSMA version 3.0
  • Proprietary procedures to support M2M SP centric deployment


  • All interfaces between SM-SR and SM-DP, with eUICC and external systems of MNO as defined by GSMA version 3.0
  • Meets 3GPP IoT Technologies: LTE Cat M1 und LTE Cat NB1
  • Proprietary interface to M2M SP, leveraging of MNO interface specification
  • Proprietary high-speed interface between SM-DP and SM-SR
  • SIM-Alliance inter-operable

Our subscription & connectivity management solution for Internet-of-Things (IoT) markets, for embedded SIMs (eUICC), is fully compliant with the GSMA Embedded SIM Specification, allowing the “over-the-air” provisioning and management of subscriptions for IoT devices. Our technology-partners products and platforms implement the latest industry specifications ensuring that its customers benefit from future-proofed solutions that are fully interoperable with other industry compliant offerings.  This solution has the ability to integrate with all the existing IoT/M2M platforms of mobile operators.

The Internet of Things transforms a large variety of businesses from industrial automation, transport and logistics, energy, security, healthcare, automotive, retail commerce and public sectors to consumer electronics. Gartner says the Internet of Things will grow to 26 Billion units installed in 2020. (Gartner: Saniye Burcu Alaybeyi, 2016)

Functionality of our GSMA based, high secure device management:

  • Tackle secure cryptographic key provisioning and management challenges in cases in which the mass number of IoT devices deployed simultaneously and their environmental characteristics create a challenge.
  • Provide quick, secure, scalable and device-independent identity, access and relationship management experience that customers, partners and suppliers are looking for.
  • Have a means to provision IoT devices by downloading software, patches, updates and other information periodically (a common requirement for security management systems).