Design & integration Services

Hard IP resistant to latest DPA, SCA and FA attacks for any cryptographic operation

Soft Crypto library CC EAL5+ certified

Native SDK available for eUICC and applet developer

Fully CC EAL5+ certifiable product if embedded NVM is used

Value Proposition for IoT

Design + integration services for secure chips

  • Design of project-specific subsystems (logic blocks and interfaces)
  • Implementation of hardware countermeasures against latest state-of-the-art security attacks
  • Integration of Secure Element IP into customer chip design
    • Integration done at back-end phase to guarantee security counter-measures
    • Secure Element layout format can be customized according to customer chip floorplan
    • Option: integration done in CC EAL5+/EMVCo certified design center
  • Our unique secure chips are designed with an outstanding, innovative technology allowing higher security, better speed/power performance and robustness in contactless/variable power modes;
  • Higher security, performance, and robustness
  • Flexible and highly-securedkey and software download and personalization
  • End-to-end securitysolution for the IoT
  • Flexible businessmodel (chips or IP)
  • Common Criteria EAL5+ certifiedproducts