Security implementation

CC EAL4+/EAL5+, FIPS140-2 & EMVCo certification-ready and customizable Secure Element IP

Value Proposition for IoT

Consulting for Security strategy definition, implementation, evaluation + certification

  • Definition of secured part (Target Of Evaluation/TOE) of customer chip or system
  • Definition of a security evaluation/certification strategy for the customer chip or system
  • Development of the security documentation for CC/EMVCo evaluation/certification
  • Support of CC/EMVCo evaluation by independent and certified European labs
  • Support of CC/EMVCo certification by European administrations/EMVCo association
  • Support for secure key provisioning during wafer tests and product life cycle, support for HSM deployment
  • We can contractually commit to have the customer chip successfully CC/EMVCo evaluated/certified
  • Long-term partnership on evolving security roadmap

Evaluators and buyers of IoT security products are security and risk management leaders who are trying to establish end-to-end trust — from chip to cloud — in their IoT use cases across all industry verticals and domains. Multiple and wide-ranging IoT security technology providers are evolving to address these technical requirements and the business opportunities. Product vendors, with varied levels of consulting and professional services capabilities, in the IoT security market involve:

  • Embedded trust vendors that provide a hardware root of trust — that is, a foundation to secure many variety of functions at the endpoint.
  • Device identity and key/credential management vendors that offer IoT-scale-federated and secure device management implementations.
  • Real-time visibility and control vendors that offer complete real-time visibility and control for every network-connected IoT device.(Gartner: Saniye Burcu Alaybeyi, 2016)

Secure–IoT and itsCommon Criteria Security certified technology partners does not compete to you and your technology – we make your solution complete by providing the missing pieces in order to make your IoT end-to-end-solution high secure and certifiable.

Our expertise focusses on the general IoT initiative growth, particularly in automotive, home automation, healthcare, energy and utilities, and building and facilities automation.