Secure-IoT Hardware

Our IoT-SE (Processor)…

…is targeting secure IoT devices either as companion chip or as embedded secure element IP.

It allows a major security upgrade on existing IoT products incl. SoCs!

In combination with our IoT-Secure Device Management it allows high secure bootloading of OS, OS-updates and customer’s applications in the field.
Bootloading meets all requirements of Protection Profile PP084b (2014).

Technical Features

General Features

  • Secure secret storage/file system
  • Secure Over The Air (OTA) firmware update
  • I2C Fast Mode+ (up to 1Mb/s) master & slave
  • ECC Hardware accelerators:
    • ECDSA Signature
    • ECDH Diffie Hellman, ECC key generation up to 521 bits
  • AES hardware accelerator: encryption + and decryption up to 256 bits
  • True Random Number Generator (TRNG)

Ultra Low Power Features

  • Ultra low power sleep mode (< 500 nA)
  • Ultra fast wake up, w/dedicated I/O for ultra low power down mode
  • Highest security certification level
  • Common Criteria EAL5+ (ISO/IEC 15408), based on AIX-SC platform
  • Operating temperature -40 to +85°C (extended range) for outdoor operation and harsh environment
  • The Fab provides automotive ISO-TS16949 certification as well as OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001.

Business models

  • Available as chip for custom system development
  • Available as hard IP for SoC integration
  • Compatible with cloud infrastructures

Internet of Things endpoints present unique challenges and opportunities to security system design. IoT product managers across the ecosystem, including hardware, software and semiconductor vendors, need to design security into their offerings.  Let’s discuss the unique challenges and opportunities that IoT presents to a security system design.  Get the best Hardware Security for your devices.

Either as companion chip or as Secure Element IP core.

  • Our unique secure chips are designed with an outstanding, innovative technology allowing higher security, better speed/power performance and robustness in contactless/variable power modes;
  • Higher security, performance, and robustness
  • Flexible and highly-securedkey and software download and personalization
  • Choice of security grade: Common Criteria EAL5+ certifiedproducts (CC EAL5+), CC EAL4+, FIPS140-2, EMVCo, GSMA
  • End-to-end securitysolution for the IoT
  • Flexible businessmodel (chips or IP)