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Expert Advice on Security for IoT Devices with Prevention Measure

Security Challenges for the Internet of Things (IoT devices) are different compared to the rest of the internet tools. The biggest challenge is to make your hardware device secure from any third party hack. A single backdoor access or loophole is enough to jeopardize one’s privacy and security.

IoT is already seen as a remarkable revolution (next to Apple iPhone) that will soon become a part of people’s lifestyle. It has been estimated that by the end of 2020, there’ll be almost 20 billion IoT devices available in the market. These devices are usually connected to single networking channels and interact simultaneously to perform as per user command. But with every revolution, there’s come threats that seriously put our privacy at risk. In the case of IOT, their very working nature serves as a gateway to serious problems.

Cyber attacks on these devices are a bit critical. Hackers not only take control over information and data but also hamper the device performance in a dangerous and insecure way. Though each device has a different framework and security protocol, unfortunately, most of the IoT devices are still vulnerable. This is exactly where the significance of build-in-security becomes an essential need. By adding the secure element as an additional module or directly into SoC design, one can take an optimal safety measure against any malicious activity.

The unique feature of our top-notch IOT security solutions in Germany are:

  • High secure authentication and identification;
  • High secure communication, including authentication, signing, encryption + decryption,
  • Secure (Common Criteria 5+ certified) booting,
  • High secure Firmware-updates (FOTA)
  • High secure physical interfaces and APIs
  • Highest robustness + protection against attacks e.g. to running applications

In the present day, SECURE IoT is seen as a professional choice to implement high-end protection for many IoT devices. Since our technology is constantly evolving and adapting to the latest standard, we are able to bring you a performance-based security solution at a cost-effective price.

If you are concerned about IoT device security and privacy, then make your next appointment with SECURE-IOT.EU. The prudent guidance and superior solution will let you embark on a confident decision.

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