“SmartCard and Secure Element driven Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) are the most proven and secure mechanism in billions of devices!”
SmartCard Alliance, 2017
“Unique Endpoint Identity: If a device is unable to maintain its intended identity, any data provided by it to a central system may not be considered trustworthy or valid!”
Greg Kahn, President - Internet of Things Consortium
„…The JavaCard technology is a suitable option for many IoT devices and solutions to implement appropriate and cost-effective security, flexibility, and versatility. Having been used in billions of smart cards and high secure devices.“
Accenture, 2017
“… IoT security encompasses many different aspects of security: secure boot, device authentication, encryption, secure communication, authorized transactions and lifecycle management...”
Gartner, 2017
„..The trend indicates that there is an increased need for embedded hardware security in IoT ecosystems, depending on the security requirements of the specific IoT application and thus guaranteeing proper authentication and functional access control mechanisms...”
Secure Technology Alliances, 2017
“...Securing IoT demands an extensive range of high secure technologies and skills!...”
Mr. Nick Jones, Gartner, 2017

Our solutions

We upgrade and manage Security in your IoT Technologies

Secure Hardware IoT-Processor

Our offering / our Business models:

  1. Secure-IoT-Device as companion chip (module)
  2. Secure-IoT as Hard IP for your individual IC-design

Secure Software

Our offering / our Business models:

  1. Proven + CC-certified Java-based Ecosystem (Platform)
  2. Secure-IoT applications for SoC Devices + Secure Elements

Secure-IoT-Management / IoT-Device Management

Our offering / our Business models:

  1. Secure IoT-Management as a Service
    • License + your organization operates the service.
    • License + we operate the service for you;
  2. Secure-IoT-Management as a product
    • white-labelling: Customized solution under your brand
    • sub-contracting: your organization acts as a prime contractor, we are your subcontractor;

Secure-IoT Hardware

Our IoT-SE (Processor)…

…is targeting secure IoT devices either as companion chip or as embedded secure element IP.

It allows a major security upgrade on existing IoT products incl. SoCs!

In combination with our IoT-Secure Device Management it allows high secure bootloading of OS, OS-updates and customer’s applications in the field.
Bootloading meets all requirements of Protection Profile PP084b (2014).

Technical Features

General Features

  • Secure secret storage/file system
  • Secure Over The Air (OTA) firmware update
  • I2C Fast Mode+ (up to 1Mb/s) master & slave
  • ECC Hardware accelerators:
    • ECDSA Signature
    • ECDH Diffie Hellman, ECC key generation up to 521 bits
  • AES hardware accelerator: encryption + and decryption up to 256 bits
  • True Random Number Generator (TRNG)

Ultra Low Power Features

  • Ultra low power sleep mode (< 500 nA)
  • Ultra fast wake up, w/dedicated I/O for ultra low power down mode
  • Highest security certification level
  • Common Criteria EAL5+ (ISO/IEC 15408), based on AIX-SC platform
  • Operating temperature -40 to +85°C (extended range) for outdoor operation and harsh environment
  • The Fab provides automotive ISO-TS16949 certification as well as OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001.

Business models

  • Available as chip for custom system development
  • Available as hard IP for SoC integration
  • Compatible with cloud infrastructures

Secure-IoT Software

Our Secure-IoT-Software Environment (operating system + applications)…

…is targeting at secure, connected, Java-Card-based Eco-System for SOC-Devices.

It is based on proven, Common Criteria 5+ certified security standards and alows to run, port and develop High Secure CC 5+ IoT applications on SoC devices.

Technical Features

  • General Features
  • Certified, Secure Java EcoSystem
  • Hardened, Connected Node
  • Small Footprint, Multiple form factors
  • Uniqueliy Identifiable, Multi-protocol (BLE, ZigBee, NFC, WiFi, I2C, SPI, UART, GPIOs)
  • RTOS Awareness
  • Sensor & Management Control
  • Device Policies

Standards & Security

  • Based on Oracle JavaCard 3.0.5,  3.1.0 + IoT profile (to come) and GlobalPlatform 2.2 technology
  • According to JavaCard Protection Profile for CC and/or FIPS
  • Comprehensive IoT Security services:
    • Secure Boot; Trusted Execution Environment; Device Integrity Confidential & Authentication; Data Analytics; Secure Update;
      HW Root of Trust; Data at Rest & Data in Motion
  • Built on proven standards:
    • 20+ billions of SIMs, ePassports and EMV Payment Cards since 2003.

Secure-IoT Device Management

Our Secure-IoT Device Management is targeting at (remote) high secure eUICC-Management Services.

It allows the management of Operating System, OS updates and customer’s applications in the field.  Our bootloading meets Protection Profile PP084b (2014).

Technical Features:


  • SM-DP for secure profile & personalization data generation, storage and delivery;
  • SM-SR for eUICC platform & profile state management, eUICC routing and repository


  • Fully compliant with GSMA version 3.0
  • Proprietary procedures to support M2M SP centric deployment


  • All interfaces between SM-SR and SM-DP, with eUICC and external systems of MNO as defined by GSMA version 3.0
  • Meets 3GPP IoT Technologies: LTE Cat M1 und LTE Cat NB1
  • Proprietary interface to M2M SP, leveraging of MNO interface specification
  • Proprietary high-speed interface between SM-DP and SM-SR
  • SIM-Alliance inter-operable

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